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City Limits

A Retro-Futuristic animated venture

Set in a near-future age just down the road from our own, "City Limits" is a visually unique 2D animation on live-action production which blends, remixes, and reimagines sci-fi, pop, 1980s futurism, urban fantasy, and gritty realism to deliver a new animated series for our tech-driven times.

In the series we follow Clay, a British teenage cyborg courier who dreams of escaping a city that's become hostile towards young cyborgs like himself known as Cyber Yoots. 

2D Characters on Live Action

Clay, like many Cyber Yoots across the globe, believes upgrading himself with the latest cyber-wear will be the answer to all his problems. But the more android he becomes, the more of a plug-in commodity he is for the mega cyber-wear brand and entertainment giant Channel 22. 

Real World | Urban Fantasy

Proud and defined by his cyber-self Clay however is yet to discover this truth. And when he does, whether he has the courage to save himself, and other Cyber Yoots worldwide remains to be seen.  Citywide mavericks, underground channels, and marvellous misadventures will help him along the way.

CHXXII Cyberwear
x Cyber Yoot Campaigns

Each defining what it means to be human in a cybernetic, digital world.

More importantly, each defining for Clay, youths and fellow Cyber Yoots everywhere what it means to be young, dumb and daring in any age or future to come. Breaking through the city limits.

The Production 01

2D Animation x Live Action 5 minute Teaser 


The Story 

Screenshot 2024-05-08 at

Title: City Limits - Unboxed.

London UK, turn of the 21st Century. And for those who dare to walk in his shoes Clay, a teenage cyborg courier, hailed as the 'New Face of the Future' has a cautionary tale to tell, where fame and misfortune come wrapped in the same shoebox.


Real Engine

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Why Unreal Engine?

City Limits: Unboxed focuses heavily on the fluid movement of our main 2D character, Clay, within a realistic and recognisably real-world environment. Unreal Engine serves as a dynamic tool for achieving this balance of 2D on Live Action, offering flexibility, experimentation, and exploration in camera angles, lighting, and texturing. Enabling us to push the boundaries of storytelling and animation in real time, while efficiently supporting collaborative work on our creative vision at the same time.


2D Animation on Live Action

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2D characters animation in Live Action environments.

Presenting a rich mixed-media approach to animation, 2D characters move within a gritty, live-action urban environment, creating a vivid visual narrative that juxtaposes the youthful adolescence of our teenage protagonist against a realistic, grown-up Brutalist reality.


Assets Library

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Production of animation and assets in Maya.

Maya is the go-to tool for our character animation. Its advanced animation and modeling tools, specialised workflows for rigging, and precise control over character movement, combined with our ability to create a library of assets derived from our concept art, seamlessly integrate with Unreal Engine, enhancing our process and overall animation production.

Creative Direction

1980's Retro-Futurism


Brutalist Council Estate Enviroments

Screenshot 2024-06-03 at 21.04.12.png

Building an urban fantasy

City Limits: Unboxed imagines an inner-city London landsacpe of the future, viewed through a mid-eighties and Brutalist architectural lens. Post-war council estates float above the streets, and a labyrinth of abstractly arranged apartment blocks takes the viewer into an extraordinary concrete neighborhood that's familiar yet distinctly remixed, unlike any place they've ever seen before.


,An 80's Remix of visuals: Vapour Wave, Glitches, 8Bit


Flexibility and experimentation in Real Engine

The flexibility of crafting a retro-futuristic atmosphere in Unreal Engine is a major appeal for our production. Its vast library of post-processing effects and customisable shaders allows us to blend 1980s visual aesthetics with vibrant futuristic elements. From colour grading to glitch effects, CRT screen distortion and more, we're creating a classic sci-fi ambiance for our new brand of animation.


1980's Film and Anime Cassette Futurism


Past present and future

Cassette Futurism, a cinematic style inspired by1980's technology and design seen in classic sci-fi films like Alien, Star Wars and anime feature Akira. It is an aesthetic City Limits: Unboxed draws heavily upon. Giving the animation it's retro-futuristic feel.


The Audio: Spoken Word and 80s Electronic synths


Narrating a retro-futuristic tale.

In the animation, Clay's story unfolds through a Spoken Word narrative set against the iconic Sci-fi sounds of 80s Electro

synths and Break Dancing beats, evoking a visceral sense of a retro-future. This soundtrack bridges early Hip Hop experimentation with contemporary approaches to Rap and Spoken Word found in popular British artists like Kae Tempest, Kojey Radical, Little Simz, and Mike Skinner - creating an immersive soundtrack that encapsulates the unique essence of City Limits: Unboxed's retro-futurism.

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