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With a passion for design, storytelling and creative connections, Luvva Design Media is a creative service who believe in the power and beauty of human stories and interactions in art, design, fashion and digital media. Founded by London based Art Director, writer and designer Gary Alake Riley - who's over 30 years experience working on the creative for global brands and agencies, - Luvva's approach to delivering 'design with a passion' is all about connecting to you, the real person on the other side of the screen and end creative.

Real experiences, real emotions, really great design is what Luvva loves, does and is totally infatuated with!





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Brass, drums, strings and other things

Luvva's instrumental branding for the National Klezmer Youth Orkester

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Is this the future?

In development:
City kids and local cyborgs culture clash in a new audio series of short Sci-fi stories for teens and young adults. 

Email media for the passcode to preview the first test audio